Top three freakish sea creatures you may not know about.

I am always fascinated by life completely foreign to mine.  This is why i am addicted to watching Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC.  Today, i am thinking more about the freakish creatures who live under the sea… creatures you may not know exist.  *Fascinating*.

1)  The Giant Nomura’s Jellyfish.  These friggers are huge.  At a weight of up to 200 kilos, they have even been responsible for sinking a fishing trawler.   Jellyfish are amazing at any size due to the fact that they are a nebulous solid,  have no eyes yet are known to see color, and have no brain that we know of and yet can problem solve.  The Nomura’s jellyfish are a real menace off the coasts of China and Japan, getting caught up in nets and ruining catches.  For years, fishermen have been cutting them up and tossing them back in the ocean, not realizing that this was triggering additional jellyfish blooms due to the life cycle of these gelatinous behemoths.



2) The Colossal Squid.  I am a big fan of cephalopods in general. Octopus are believed by many marine biologists to be as intelligent as dolphins and are excellent problem solvers.  They can change shape and color in a fraction of time and even escape from aquariums.  They have been known to crawl across a room at night to eat crabs and crawl back to their own tank again.  Heck, an octopus can even do this.  As fascinating as octopus are, the Colossal Squid is mesmerizing for the fact that stories of Kraken  have generally been thought to be fancies of  the sea and alcohol addled minds of sailors.  Who knew that they may have been speaking the truth?  I quote from the Wikipedia page for Colossal Squid, “Unlike the giant squid, whose arms and tentacles only have suckers lined with small teeth, the Colossal Squid’s limbs are also equipped with sharp hooks.”



3)  Today’s third sea creature is one i just learned about… the Dragon Shark.  Yes.  I said DRAGON SHARK.  This is a very rare species of prehistoric shark that still lives today.  As an aged D & D gamer, anything in the real world that resembles some sort of dragon makes me giddy.  Here is one in motion.  Even the more innocuous name Frilled Shark does little to diminish the skin crawlies many may feel looking at this lurvie.  Have fun swimming this summer!